Chance, Luck & Opportunity

Things of chance, such as winning the lottery, come with a small probability, whereas luck you make by seeing and taking the opportunities that come in front of you. So we create our own fortune (enrich your own lives).

We have created many superstitions and rituals around luck; the rabbit’s foot, the black cat, the lucky charm and don’t walk under that ladder! We actually invest a lot in these, hoping that they will change our luck.

Bad luck?
Why do some people make and lose millions then just bounce back and begin again on a new project whilst others don’t? OK so things may go ‘wrong,’ however find the lesson in it and move on with new knowledge in your intellect. Move through ‘scenarios’ and change them into opportunities. It can be as simple as; you are stuck in the traffic and instead of stressing you welcome it as a rare opportunity to relax, reflect, enjoy a piece of music etc. Whatever comes to us it is what we need, it comes to us as a lesson and for us to see our fortune.

Changing our own luck
If you think you are stuck, then you are! The good news is that we can become unstuck and invoke luck just by changing our attitude and outlook towards whatever it is that we are stuck in. Find the opportunity within the scenario that you are in. However bleak it may seem there is at the least the opportunity to learn something new about you, to grow and so enrich your life.

We can invoke luck with a change in attitude. We can make our life full and worthwhile by seeing the opportunities.

Some suggestions to help move from ‘being stuck’ to seeing opportunities
1) Create a luck diary. Jot down in this anything positive or useful, your inner strengths and outer resources, any opportunity etc. you see. This helps us to begin to see things in a different way.

2) A lucky person is one who sees the opportunities in front of them, for this we need to practise being present and engaging with the present.

3) Check what it is that maybe blocking you from seeing and grabbing opportunities. We create our own limits (blockages) and become stuck in our comfort zones.

4) Embrace life as it is, this makes us more open to life and its opportunities. Our luck and fortune open up in front of us and our lives become rich.

5) Don’t judge or compare your luck with others, rather see and appreciate the opportunities and fortune that you have. Here in the west we are actually in minority, most people in world don’t have clothes, homes, jobs etc as we do here and we tend to just take it all for granted.

6) Learn to let go of possessions, the past, people etc. Whilst we hold onto things we live afraid of losing something (this makes us selfish) and there is no space for newness.

7) Begin giving to yourself (forgiveness, generosity, understanding, etc.) as this in particular opens up our fortune of happiness. When we are stuck in not giving we become spiritually empty, blocked and in a state of wanting and desiring , and this leads to stagnation. We are naturally giving beings and a river needs to flow freely to bring life. Nurture a giving and spiritual consciousness, nurture the things you would like to have and share, such as peace and happiness.

I can only be loving and respectful to others when I am so to myself. Create an internal spiritual space, this is the seed of your life, sustain it and meditate on it. See yourself as light, as a spiritual being. Let go of you, the physical being.

Emerging your Inner Fortune
It is just waiting there to be expressed! We currently use so little of our potential! Each of us has our own uniqueness (specialities). David Beckham has his and I have mine! It is a lost opportunity not to use it. It is right in front of us! Only we don’t see it as we are looking out there for Merlin, the knight in shining armour or the fairy godmother and not inside. Whilst doing so we can miss our fortune. When we understand our potential we can see our fortune i.e. what we can become.

Within you is a buried treasure, it is just about getting through the mud and debris to the beauty within.

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