It Is Time…

To recognize time is to recognize the self, to value the self, to make your life like a diamond, flawless and truthful, and to become fearless and never have any worries.

A ‘hero actor’ is one whose life sparkles. They know their own story, never think, ‘Why…?’ and their faith and courage mean that others co-operate with them. So let my life be, so much so that it inspires others and shows them the path to truth.

Time is telling us: be present and act now. Past is past, now be present and use your present in a worthwhile way (with a true heart) and you will find success your shadow. Not, ‘When the time is right then I will…’ God is saying, ‘Act now’. If you ask Him, ‘How?’ He will reply ‘I’ll show you how…’

Time is telling us: stay free (be an observer) and then perform good actions with pure intentions; cease fighting and quarreling and instead be one who removes the sorrow of others and bestows peace on them; and when others complain about you don’t react angrily but ask them, ‘What did I do that upset you?’ and then to ask for their forgiveness. God says, when you stay honest and truthful you will experience His help.

Time is telling us: be God’s companion, He is giving us His company and His company is such that the impossible becomes possible. God says that He will take away all our sorrow and give us happiness in its place, so let me remember God so deeply that I don’t remember anything else. In doing so I automatically serve humanity.

Time is telling us: it is here for us. Just use me well now and you will experience good health, find that your life becomes good and that you become content, so content that you never have to ask for anything or have any complaints about anything.

Recognize the truth in yourself. Time is giving us the chance to become truthful.

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