Caterpillar – Butterfly

The caterpillar’s metamorphosis
The caterpillar gives no indication of the butterfly it will become. It’s journey begins after hatching from its egg and its mission is to eat and grow. Once it reaches a certain size it attaches itself to something -such as a branch- and turns into a chrysalis to undergo its complete metamorphosis into a butterfly. During its metamorphosis the chrysalis is very vulnerable so the caterpillar must find somewhere safe to hide away.

In its chrysalis the caterpillar effectively digests most of itself , by excreting digestive juices. A few cells are not digested, called imaginal disks or buds. These cells were dormant in the caterpillar stage and stay protected during its ‘death,’ now they grow using the nutrients from the broken down soup that was the caterpillar to form the organs and tissues of the new butterfly. The process of cell death is called histolysis and of regrowth histogenesis. Once the caterpillar has changed it breaks out of its shell and emerging as an adult butterfly.

Mans’ metamorphosis
Not unlike the caterpillar it could be said we reach a stage when it as if we live to consume. Then at some point too like the caterpillar we reach a point when our consumption and hunger is greater than we can manage leading to melt-down. Whilst in crisis it seems as if our world has fallen apart.

However, this is also our time of greatest opportunity, the caterpillar would never become the butterfly if it didn’t overeat and it is the ‘soup’ of the cocoon that allows change to happen and newness and truth to emerge. This crisis is my opportunity to discover the truth of myself and to create a new vision of myself. This new vision can begin with no more than a single thought of how I would like my future to be. Ones based on truth such as peace or love or purity or happiness are the most powerful ones.

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