Challenges are a gift, they are opportunities to get to know yourself and to express the best of you. Life is full of challenges, in fact if we expect a smooth journey we will only be disappointed and struggle all the more with the challenges that come our way. Accept life as it is, it Continue reading »

Reject ‘Rejection’

So… someone does not like your idea, your painting, your vision or think that you are right for the job etc… Do you accept or reject their rejection? If you accept it… you are accepting discouragement and seeing yourself as they are seeing you. However: a) It is a test: to see how much you Continue reading »

What Is In The Way Is… The Way

What is in the way? Name two things that you see as obstacles in your life. Now looking beyond these obstacles… What is the thing that is on the other side of these obstacles that you want? Why do you want what is on the other side of these obstacles? To overcome an obstacle and Continue reading »

Get Off Your “But”

THE TRUTH: * I create my own limitations by making the excuse of not having enough talents, or I have too high/low expectations of myself which generate fear of failing. * I live within castle walls which I have created from others’ and my own perceptions about myself, which block the release of my potential. Continue reading »