Dare to Live: Living with Faith

Faith in our-self
This is undermined by two things:
-our past experiences (becoming our present fears).
-our fear of the unknown (primarily only present when we are not clear of our destination).

Instead of faith in ourselves there is self doubt (a lack of self-confidence). To move forward with courage we need to develop self-confidence; a feeling of certainty in our-self.

When there is self-confidence we also gain clarity with regards to our destination. This give us direction-we then know what our next step needs to be.

When we have self-confidence and know our destination no matter what obstacles come in front of us we are able to face, conquer and move forward in life.

To Overcome Fear: Face It
When we look at what we fear in the eyes it disappears. Ask yourself: What am I fearing / resisting? Our fears are often no more than an over-active imagination, created suspicions etc. These thoughts are not reality. Instead of spinning these thoughts create ones of self-confidence. Go on a journey to discover your own self worth and value. Who knows ‘me’ the least? Why are we strangers to ourselves? Come close to yourself.

Faith in life
We call ‘situations’ problems, and before problems we get stuck and do not know what to do. As long as we have ‘a problem’ we will remain stuck.

How we perceive situations is key to overcoming them and moving ourselves closer to our destination.
a) See problems as challenges, as blessings in disguise come to move us closer to our destination.

b) See the problems and we become mentally lazy. See the challenges and we want to make the effort to tap into our inner resources and use them to conquer the challenge.
c) See the problems and we give excuses – I can’t do/manage. See the challenges and we have a choice: to live or to die. I can do it.

There is a story of a bedridden patient who was told they would never walk again. He had a choice to live or die. He choose to live. He made the situation a challenge and walked again. Where did the energy come from? It was always there only before there was no situation to make use of it. If we see life as a challenge we will find the energy to face and conquer.

Every situation comes as a full package i.e. with its solution embedded within it like a maths problem. The solution is there within the problem. The challenge is to find the solution.

We are the problem and the solution. You wont find the solution if you look outside for it. We need to look within, to change our perceptions towards ourself and other people. First check the colour of the glasses you are wearing. Right atitude, right perception and then life becomes enjoyable. Life becomes an entertainment and is no longer a battlefield. After all, what is life really all about?

Faith in Others
Also have faith in others. The faith others have in us helps us move forward, do this for someone else. Faith transforms. Pure feelings and good wishes for others can achieve miracles.

Faith in God
Have faith to such an extent that you become faithful.

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