Letting Go

Stop. Start.

1) Stop Blaming/Complaining – Start Creating/Solving. 2) Stop Worrying – Start Living (Living on past or future to in the present). 3) Stop Regreting –  Start Forgiving (“I’m no good/got it wrong again” to forgiving even if its 100  times a day). 4) Stop Resisiting –  Start Accepting (Why me? How? What? When? to resolution Continue reading »

Heart Maintenance

The greatest task the human race is facing right now is to put the past behind us. Truth is calling us to return to our original state of goodness. Today hearts are broken. Everyone seems to have experienced some form of sorrow or hurt in their life. A lot of this hurt is now of Continue reading »

Power to Pack Up

Have you noticed how easily your mind can lead you on journeys that are tangents to the present moment of your life? Perhaps you hear something and it triggers a journey down memory lane – pleasant, but it prevents the report you are writing from being completed. Perhaps you overhear part of a conversation and Continue reading »