What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process of turning inwards to draw upon the enormous resources that are within. The word ‘meditation’ comes from: ‘medi’ meaning ‘to heal’ and ‘ation’ meaning ‘the art/act/process of healing.’ The thoughts which bring me back to my conscience and to my higher (original) self. ‘Original’ means ‘from the origin, from the self.’ Continue reading »

Pause For Peace

On the CD of your mind you press: – STOP when there is burnout, you can’t take any more. – FAST FORWARD when you are bored, you want to see the good bit. – REWIND when you go back to the past. The CD skips when I am not moving forward. Things get irritating and Continue reading »

Meditation: Questions & Answers

Question: What leads you to meditation? Answer: Curiosity about what was going on in my own inner world. Question: How did you start to meditate? Answer: I was simply asked to turn inwards and to start looking at what was going on in my inner world. At first one sees a jumble of thoughts going Continue reading »

The Science of Relationships

We are in relationship with everything around us. Is my attitude one of respect towards everyone I pass when I am walking in the street or do I only care for the people who love me? Law of karma – We can’t blame others for being negative towards us. Consider what it may be that Continue reading »

Creativity Spirit

We are all creators. We create everything with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Everything is just energy, this we perceive through our senses. ‘Like energy’ attracts like. If we think positively we feel positive. The effects of feelings on your body are known so it is important to have a control of our Continue reading »

Resilience: Bouncing Back

Resilience is my back up to use in life, and for this I have to be prepared. If I love myself enough and want to be successful internally, I have to do my homework before a challenging situation comes. I have to make my mind’s muscles strong. Then, it’s easy to make decisions. 1. In Continue reading »

Mind Detox

Is your mind relaxed, peaceful, light, dancing and anticipating joy or is it caught up in thoughts that you just can’t get rid of, heavy, in a state of dis-ease and anxious? If the latter maybe it is time to consider a mind detox as we would a physical one if our bodies had been Continue reading »

Calling All Angels

Angels and devils. Have you ever heard the saying that a devil sits on your left shoulder and an angel on your right one? This is apparently why if you spill some salt you should throw some over your left shoulder, so as to dislodge that devil that is sitting there. When we think about Continue reading »

Meditation is Boring?

Check out with yourself the stages of meditation and see where you are. First stage: Thinking– equivalent to the waves on the surface of an ocean. Second stage: Feelings– equivalent to the currents beneath the waves. Currents are your conditionings; they keep you in a comfort zone and don’t allow you to go any further. Continue reading »