Inside The Mind Of A Yogi

Q: How do you become a yogi?
It begins with the question, ‘Who am I?’ and then moves to the second question, ‘What belongs to me?’
‘Who am I?’ – I am a spiritual being. I am in a physical body but I am not this physical body.
‘What belongs to me?’ – As a spiritual being nothing physical belongs to me.

I am the living being, the soul. Yes I have eyes, ears and a mouth, but it isn’t that I should be enslaved by them. When my mind is under my orders then my physical senses are too. However, we tend to allow our minds to follow any whim that it might have. A yogi is one who has brought their mind back under their control and so is free from enslavement to it and to the senses (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego). I still have eyes, ears and a mouth but everything is now very simple. Become free from these 5 and you will become carefree and happy and make others happy too. It is easy, either you are a yogi (free of the five vices) or one with all those vices going on in your head – if the latter then eventually you will end up sick.

A yogi has two natural qualities, tolerance and contentment. You have everything, so you are carefree. You never ask: How? Why? or What? These words do not exist in the vocabulary of a yogi.

Q: I think we all noticed your presence when you walked in. How have you created such a presence?
I enjoy staying peaceful. We eat when we need to, not constantly. Similarly, I only hear and speak what I wish too, what is good. Whatever I see, I see with God in mind and with the vision that each one is very good. Internally there is attention, but not tension.

My soul and thoughts are very valuable. Let my thoughts be very good, elevated. The purpose with which I do everything is to bring benefit to everyone. When my mind is peaceful it is as if I store power within. This power that I accumulate within then does the task and I can stay peaceful and others are touched by good vibrations.

There is the phrase: God is my companion. A yogi is one with that connects with God. When there is that connection and companionship you feel light and you have the light of understanding. Be peaceful and keep God as your companion, then others will experience that peace too.

Q: You often say: Don’t think. What do you mean by this?
When we are thinking we aren’t listening, so be still and quiet inside. When we are still we are able to understand. If we are busy in thinking we don’t hear. If you are thinking you are off on this or that tangent. When our thinking goes off at different tangents negativity gets a hold of us, leading eventually to depression.

Q: People today live under a lot of pressure. What does a yogi do so that their mind doesn’t feel tired or pressurized?
Always make sure you experience stillness and peace before your working day. This peace is like a medicine that heals and refreshes us. Also we think and speak so fast, let your thoughts and speech become less as doing so allows one’s mind to become still and peace to be experienced throughout your day.

Q: Some people press our buttons and vice-versa. How does a yogi interact so no buttons get pressed?
In human life your wealth, life, body and relationships are all connected to the quality of your thoughts. In relationships if my mind has love and respect then there are no problems.
When there is attachment there is expectation and so disappointments, without attachment you are free and then you are able to just give and take respect and love.

Practise doing this for six months: staying in self-respect and giving regard to others. In self-respect I have a true heart. To give regard and respect is to have a big heart. Don’t come into competition or criticize but maintain good wishes. Never say that this one is like that. Let all exchanges be with pure feelings and filled with good intentions, others will then have the same for me. You get something not because you ask for it but as a result of giving it.

Q: Seeing the global situation (wars, climate change…) how can we serve the world globally?
Firstly as a yogi become content (no desires) as only then can I truly help those in need. There is concern for others and you can be instantly there and ready to help. You don’t have just enough for yourself but you have enough to give. I don’t keep anything for myself, let me have for everyone else. People are lost in their own heads and worlds and don’t have time for each other. Just to ask someone how they feel may lighten their heart. It is said if your doctor is kind half your sickness goes as opposed to when he isn’t.

Q: What is your relationship with God?
My mother, my father, my friend, my guide and my companion. He is the One who establishes the religion of righteousness and teaches me to live by these principles. All you need is interest, and disinterest for everything else.

The life of a yogi is a carefree one, energised by peaceful thoughts and good wishes. Maintaining calm by meditating (having a good chat with God) first thing in the morning and last thing at night. In relationships only to give love and respect, and have no expectations. Then for those in trouble give one positive thought. A life of a yogi is about the quality of ones thoughts and connection with God.

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