Mood Maintenance

What stops us from maintaining our mood? In order to maintain a good mood we need power to ‘hold it up’ as we are going against the flow. This power comes from the self (soul). To access this power we need to take time out on a daily basis to get to know who we Continue reading »

Without Blame

“The greatest truth that I have learnt is that no one has done any wrong to me. When I think they have it as if I am drinking poison. Meditation allows me to see both my strengths and my weaknesses. Seeing I stop the blame and the judging and instead choose to educate myself appropriately. Continue reading »

Meditation Any Time Of The Day

“City people, perhaps more than any others, need a good relaxation and meditation practice to keep focused and happy.” A key to healthy stress management is asking yourself during the day: “How do I feel?” Using this technique, a simple meditation you can do anytime of day – on the bus or train to and Continue reading »

Spirituality and Health

There is a lot of research looking into the impact of the mind on the body. When our mind is not well – it is full of negative emotions and it is holding onto past traumas- there is an impact on our physical health. Newly published research on ‘positive thinking’ found that if people’s self-esteem Continue reading »

Gifts of Meditation

Each of us is a completely unique form of energy. Meditation re-energizes us and gives us the opportunity to shine. There is the image of the timeless yogi; never reacting, always serving and giving to others. Their every breath has meaning. -To know the value of everything and of everything you do. What you value Continue reading »

The "What Now" Factor

‘What now?’ ‘Done that. What’s next?’ Have you ever said this? We begin with, ‘What shall we do next?’ Then having tried out doing this and that it maybe becomes more of a ‘What is next?’ Something more stable? A career. A mortgage. Get married…. Then, after a while again, ‘What now?’ It seems a Continue reading »

Having Less, Being More

Why do we need so much? Why do we have this inner craving? Do we need to do more to experience more? We might be acquiring things because we can’t be with ourselves. When we have ‘them’ we might become dependent on them. We can never be sure that ‘they’ will stay with us. Then Continue reading »

Relationship Solutions 2: Meditation

Most human beings have good intentions; nobody wants to be unhappy. We don’t want to hurt people in general but we need the power to be able to change. Self talk is important but the only way to get the power is through introspection, meditation and spending time in contemplation in silence with a quiet Continue reading »

Inside The Mind Of A Yogi

Q: How do you become a yogi? It begins with the question, ‘Who am I?’ and then moves to the second question, ‘What belongs to me?’ ‘Who am I?’ – I am a spiritual being. I am in a physical body but I am not this physical body. ‘What belongs to me?’ – As a Continue reading »

Art and Science of Meditation

When I feel stressed, when I feel that am not able to cope, my mind says ‘I need the experience of peace.’ The regular practice of meditation balances our lives and makes us ready for these kinds of situations. Finding the time for meditation? There is no need to go away to experience the beauty Continue reading »

Whoops, I Got It Wrong!

Who has never made a mistake? It is even said that ‘to err is human.’ Having made a mistake the trick is to acknowledge it, learn from it and forget it. If instead we keep our mistakes with us they have an influence over our whole way of being and life. This even applies to Continue reading »

Time For You: Secrets for Beating Stress

Stress isn’t out there; it is about my ability to cope with something. To beat stress I need to build my self esteem. We get addicted to others’ approval and we don’t see ourselves as important. I am the most important person in my life. I will make time for myself if I think I Continue reading »