Spirituality and Health

There is a lot of research looking into the impact of the mind on the body. When our mind is not well – it is full of negative emotions and it is holding onto past traumas- there is an impact on our physical health.

Newly published research on ‘positive thinking’ found that if people’s self-esteem was already high it worked. However, if their self-esteem was low it didn’t have as much impact. Why? Because their predominant thinking style throughout the rest (90% or more) of the day was negative. A solution? We need to get to know ourselves so well that we know the good that is within us. Knowing the good within us changes the quality of our thoughts and feelings and enables us to stay calm and loving in challenging situations.

Spirituality? Spirituality is about our inner world and learning how to ‘deal’ with it. It is about the being that I am and my mind. It is about deeply knowing who I am and understanding that we are responsible for our own thoughts and feelings and can direct them. It is to live with awareness. When we live with the awareness of who I am we are able to stay connected to our inner goodness. We are then not influenced by any negativity from outside, our own values and qualities are alive, are expressed and reach out to others.

‘In every breathe I take I know that I am a soul. I am a soul all day long and not just when I sit to mediate.’

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