The "What Now" Factor

‘What now?’ ‘Done that. What’s next?’
Have you ever said this? We begin with, ‘What shall we do next?’ Then having tried out doing this and that it maybe becomes more of a ‘What is next?’ Something more stable? A career. A mortgage. Get married…. Then, after a while again, ‘What now?’ It seems a question that never goes away! Then it may even become more of ‘What is life all about?’

What now? What next?
We aren’t usually asking this question as we go from party to party or creating our career, but when we find ourself without a party to go to or having achieved our goal. Now I am alone with me. No distractions. It is just me and my own thoughts and feelings.

We can do one of two things here, find a new distraction or begin on our own journey of self-discovery.

We live in what is called the consumer society, clothes, gadgets, holidays etc. Constantly we look for that elusive ‘something’ that we think will this time for sure fill the emptiness we feel inside. People too, we search for a companion who fill the need within. Consciously or unconsciously whoever we meet we ask ‘What can this person give me?’ It is difficult to sustain relationships on this basis though. We carry on consuming in this way until we run out of energy from all the running around and trying to meet other’s expectations so as to get what we need from them. We become selfish as we are running on empty. What now?

The journey of self-discovery to fullness
1) See where you are right now in space and time.
Some questions you can ask yourself: Am I content? Do I feel full inside? Do I feel driven? Am I doing or being? How am I using what I have? Am I using what I have to its maximum benefit? Am I living my potential?

2) Knowledge; Who am I?
We need knowledge about who we are otherwise how can we know our true potential? Who we really can be? Society tends to put us in a box, you are like this, and we put our dreams away. Never do this, your dream can be fulfilled. It may take on a different form than you imagined but most likely it will be something greater than you imagined.

3) Awareness.
Where is your awareness? Only when it is in the present moment do we have access to our full potential.

4) What are your goals?
To define them, we need clarity of where I am and a vision of where I can go (don’t subscribe to limitations). An example: maybe you would like permanent peace of mind, rather than just brief interludes? No limits. Imagine that you have a stable, peaceful and loving consciousness.

5) Meditation
When we first look within the first thing we may find is a mass of disturbances (thoughts and feelings all over the place). Become the detached observer of it all. See how everything is moving; thoughts, energy, time, feelings… You could say we are all a bit like ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ i.e. there is also the peaceful and loving side and this is what we truly are, this peaceful and loving consciousness. When we are not being our true selves we experience a lot of disturbances.

In meditation all we are doing is becoming ourselves once again: be still; see where you are; see what you truly want from life; and discover your inner goodness. Then we can address the causes of the disturbances rather than the disturbances and the disturbances will disappear. See how everything stems from your thoughts. Are you caught in the negative aspects or are you creating a positive energy process? What we give out comes back to us. If we dislike others the chances are they won’t like us either. If we are respectful towards others, then more than likely they will be towards us too.

Meditation is a cleansing of one’s consciousness like running the virus sweeper on your computer’s memory and then running the defragmenter. It is the technique of connecting with your inner goodness. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to build up our spiritual muscle, building it brings out our potential.

No more ‘What now’s? As we become ourselves; full internally; more content and less needy; this question drops from our vocabulary.

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