Gifts of Meditation

Each of us is a completely unique form of energy. Meditation re-energizes us and gives us the opportunity to shine.

There is the image of the timeless yogi; never reacting, always serving and giving to others. Their every breath has meaning.

-To know the value of everything and of everything you do. What you value grows: time, money, virtues, inner peace, joyfulness etc. When we value time we have time to do. If we value money then when we need it we find we have. Value everything: thoughts, words, feelings… all you do. Then you will come to find what you need comes to you when you need it and see how whatever you do contributes to others/the world.

-Freedom: to be oneself, to live unbound, and for my life to be what I want it to be irrespective of what I have or who is in/not in my life right now. This is an incredible freedom. Dependencies, chasing desires and holding onto the past bind us.

  • Dependencies take away our freedom and along with this our self-respect. To truly re-energize take back your self-worth. No-one can in fact take this from us unless we let them.
  • Constantly chasing one desire after another is exhausting and traps us ‘out there.’ Step back and step inwards. When we do we get back in touch with our hearts and discover the peace and love we thought having what we desired would bring us is there within us.
  • Energy is meant to flow. When we hold onto what someone said or did that upset us it is as if a big cloud is formed inside us. Flowing water is fresh, sparkling and its current sweeps away any rubbish that falls into it versus the un-flowing water that becomes the stagnant pond. To move on we need to learn the lesson. The lesson is always one to do with our self. When we do we shift into a deeper understanding of our self, we become stronger and we become more able to contribute to the lives of others positively.

Put a closure to each day. Ask yourself: What was valuable to me today? What was not? Then you will wake-up fresh and enthusiastic. Every day is a chance for new opportunities; a chance to begin again. Give yourself that chance; in giving it to yourself you give it to others to.

– Silence. In silence we can connect with God and experience God’s love and come to know what truth is. Peace is truth. Love is truth. Happiness is truth. We don’t experience them because we have unwittingly moved away from them. In silence we can become true once again.

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