Meditation Any Time Of The Day

“City people, perhaps more than any others, need a good relaxation and meditation practice to keep focused and happy.”

A key to healthy stress management is asking yourself during the day: “How do I feel?” Using this technique, a simple meditation you can do anytime of day – on the bus or train to and from work or just during a break.

Sit quietly…

Breath in and out a few times…
and inside your mind engage in this dialogue…

1. Forget your name… and then check how you feel
2. Forget your gender… and then check how you feel
3. Forget your role(s) and title(s)… and then check how you feel
4. Forget your body… and then check how you feel

Pause… don’t rush your experience or feeling, allow yourself to fall into it…
How would it feel if I had no name, gender, role, or body?

“I think the first thing we need to do is acknowledge how important it is for us to become self realized – i.e. peaceful and full of energy. Without this acknowledgment we will not find the interest to want to change ourselves or to make our minds a more peaceful place to live in and from. Meditation is a means to use silence and spiritual wisdom to experience our original and eternal nature. When our inner world begins to feel liberated we are moving closer to self realization.”

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