Mood Maintenance

What stops us from maintaining our mood?
In order to maintain a good mood we need power to ‘hold it up’ as we are going against the flow. This power comes from the self (soul). To access this power we need to take time out on a daily basis to get to know who we really are, and to experience our true qualities.

Meditation is:
… an act of self-love
… to heal / repair the soul
… feeding the right thoughts to the mind
… to transform our mind from being restless to peaceful
… to change our mood from sullen to happy
… to shift our consciousness
… to experience our best (we know we can be more gracious, loving, humble…at times)
… to create a mind at rest and free form worry, confusion, conflict and fear
… to create newness (free of old associations) – better and happier experiences over the old ones.

Raj Yoga meditation teaches us to be the master of our mind- our thoughts, feelings and mood. It is to become the master of our self.

So, the five ‘P’s of to maintain this mood are:

1- Pure intent. To have good wishes for yourself and others.

2- Peaceful. To have a stable and clear mind. In place of an emotional -energy in motion- one that leads to mood swings.

3- Positive. Whatever happens recognise the gift within that situation; you know that everything happens happens for a reason. Finding the benefit or lesson of events allows us to let go of what has happened and move on. If we don’t it is like drinking poison and instead of flushing it out (forgiving and letting go) we let it pervade us.

4- Purposeful. When we are on purpose everything we do is purposeful and our thoughts, words and deeds are in alignment. When we are not we get caught in a lot of wasteful thinking; going around in circles. Find your purpose and then entertain your mind in thoughts about it. One pointer: know that the purpose of everything is to give.

5- Powerful. Enthusiasm, determination, courage, vision… These are generated from within the self (they are not dependent on anything) and enable us to make the impossible possible.

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