Having Less, Being More

Why do we need so much? Why do we have this inner craving? Do we need to do more to experience more?
We might be acquiring things because we can’t be with ourselves. When we have ‘them’ we might become dependent on them. We can never be sure that ‘they’ will stay with us. Then there is anger, discontentment. Happiness doesn’t lie with acquiring things. It’s a question of being with myself, loving myself.

Am I using things to increase my self respect?
The only thing that I can truly ever take with me is my character. So if I have more things than I need let me be responsible and share them. Also, share your inner resources – love, mercy, compassion ­- as then they will multiply. In order to accommodate change I need to know my values.

Do I feel that my life is worth living or do I compare, blame or complain?
We have to take responsibility. We are the creators of our lives at every moment. The only way to be creative is to be positive. Our own creativity is going to take us through the journey of life. Taking time to know yourself has to be put into your daily timetable.

Why should I spend time getting to know myself? What will I gain from it?
Through knowing myself, fear dissolves because now I know that I have everything inside.
Develop the habit of appreciating what you have now, doing so will allow your mind to be more creative. Then I can improve my situation if necessary because I have the creative mind to do it. Cultivate this positive attitude of mind. Otherwise I will look outside to fill in that gap.

We have to know our choices. The only way for this is to know ourselves. We have the wisdom within us as long as we tap into that consciousness. At that time I can see solutions and where I need to go.

Then I feel:
– I have everything because I can tap into my inner peace. I give rather than take.
– If I need something it will come to me. If I have something in mind, I will go towards it.
– I can become a trustee without getting attached to/dependent on things.

Do I know what is of benefit to me? Am I creating loss or abundance in my thoughts?
My conscience, that little voice, will tell me whether what I am doing is beneficial or not. We often kill that voice. Be honest with yourself. Benefits are to do with spiritual growth, which allow me to live according to my truth and with an aim and focus.

There is only one source of truth. The more I become calm inside the more I can connect with that point of reference, whatever you call it, God, etc. This makes us powerful, self empowered and I don’t become dependent.

How long do I need to meditate to be re-charged?
Do 10 minutes first thing in the morning before your old thinking patterns kick in. Look at the day ahead and see where the challenges might be. Pick an empowering thought for the day. During the day on the hour stop for a minute and create the habit of going inside. My mind has to keep on coming back to it or I will waste the energy of that mind. Be focused in the moment.

Write a plan for yourself. Bring new thoughts into your mind. Think about virtues; communicate with yourself instead of having other people or past events in your head. Create newness based on appreciating the self.

Feeling heavy in the morning/evening?
Clear out the clutter. Write down anything that comes into your mind. You will then feel that you have ‘got the junk out’. You are creating a space in your mind. Read something that will empower you spiritually.

Going through tough time?
Sit still, be with yourself, focus on the being within and deepen that experience into stillness. Unless you learn to observe and direct your mind it will always run. The more you recall silence, experiences and feelings, the more your mind becomes meditative. This doesn’t mean you become floaty. If your meditation is working you will find that you get more done than in less time, you are more focused. If you are tired, see it as an opportunity to sharpen the mind with this exercise, because energy comes from the soul.

When you try to meditate do things that are weighing you down come out into your mind?
I am not worried about what is in my mind because my thoughts are not me. The subconscious mind will spill out thoughts into the mind – like a fountain – but don’t indulge in them, be the observer. I am able to witness, bring in the light and let them go.

How can you be ‘in the flow’?
Being in one’s flow is when you wake up and you feel energetic, everything goes well. The mind feels clear, you are not worried. Thoughts that you need are automatic and you know what to do. For this, you need to practice being in the present. Recognise and reflect on what your values are, what makes you happy.

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