Relationship Solutions 2: Meditation

Most human beings have good intentions; nobody wants to be unhappy. We don’t want to hurt people in general but we need the power to be able to change. Self talk is important but the only way to get the power is through introspection, meditation and spending time in contemplation in silence with a quiet mind, without withdrawing from relationships physically.

Personal development has to be practical. We have to practise and investigate properly rather than just becoming lecture and book junkies.

Meditation is a state of consciousness; the aim is to be positive all the time. When you are calm, thoughts come a lot less frequently. The opposite is when you are on mental marathon all day due to over-connecting with the physical senses. We need detachment from doing, this is not something cold. I can be interacting with people and still be peaceful. Meditation is just a tool to remind myself who I am and gain the power to transform myself. When I experience peace the effect on my relationships is obvious.

In Raja Yoga Meditation we learn not just relaxation but also how to have a relationship with the self, which gives me the power to ‘do’ the change.
Meditation builds a reservoir, the more I spend time focusing on my original qualities the more I will start to use them in my life. Negativity is just the darkness. As I focus on the light, it loses its power.

When you are really low or your mind is everywhere after a hectic day, how do you meditate?
It is a catch 22. We need to use it as preventative. We need to practise it during the day, after and before bed. Stop from time to time and talk to yourself gently. Initially a voice will say, ‘No! I don’t want to stop!’ Over time with practice you get used to the process, it becomes easier. When waiting for the computer, the kettle to boil, when you feel that time is wasted waiting for things and people, you will be able to stop and go inside.

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