Resolving Workplace Conflict

Long hours, heavy workload, different points of view, different communication styles, combined with working from home – all add up to a perfect scenario for conflict in the workplace. Do you battle out every disagreement? Or avoid confrontation at all costs? Conflict, when left unresolved, is likely to fester and escalate, and can have a …

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Set Boundaries. Take Back Control.

How do you allow others to treat you? Are you clear on what’s ok and what’s not ok? Where do you draw the line? And are you over-committing to too many things? Saying yes to everyone’s requests? Taking responsibility for other people’s feelings? Set clear boundaries in your relationships and in your life, and take …

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Caring for the Mind: a conversation on positive mental health

Taking care of our mental health has never been more important. Especially as we begin to see the impact of this last year on our overall wellbeing. So, it’s definitely time to make our mental health a top priority. And even though it’s sometimes tricky and uncomfortable, we need to keep the conversations around mental …

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Mindfully Handling Difficult Conversations

When you’re in a difficult conversation, do find yourself backing down, freezing up, or becoming defensive?

The Art of Communicating Effectively

It’s in these periods of crisis and change that communication is needed more than ever.

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