Calling All Angels

Angels and devils. Have you ever heard the saying that a devil sits on your left shoulder and an angel on your right one? This is apparently why if you spill some salt you should throw some over your left shoulder, so as to dislodge that devil that is sitting there.

When we think about angels what are some of the words that come to mind? Compassionate, totally non-judgmental, supporting, healing, guiding, peaceful, patient, unconditionally loving and messengers are just some we can name.

If we go though these specialties of angels,  well they are all qualities and acts expressed by human beings too, it is just that angels are like this 100% of the time. As human beings we have the ability to change and can be as supportive as well as destructive in the same sentence.

If we keep something – today I will be more understanding for example – in our awareness it does ‘work’ whilst we maintain that awareness (try it and see!),  it is just that then when we ‘forget’ we fall back into our old habits (our default setting!)

So, what can we do to help sustain a chosen new awareness that we want to have in our lives? One tool is meditation, it acts like a bridge to allow us to achieve our aim by addressing our thoughts. No one but I am responsible for my thoughts so I can choose to create ones that heal not harm me, and when those negative thoughts arise the first step to lessen them is not to resist but to accept them and so to watch them diminish. So we really can begin to develop a new awareness for ourselves, and become as light and unburdened as angels are.

Try it and see: Imagine you are one who is constantly loving, I am a love being, I share love with all the others around and with the world, love is my nature, Accept that you are love, and become it. There – it’s that easy that soon love will become my ultimate nature – naturally loving, naturally lovely.

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