Art and Science of Meditation

When I feel stressed, when I feel that am not able to cope, my mind says ‘I need the experience of peace.’ The regular practice of meditation balances our lives and makes us ready for these kinds of situations.

Finding the time for meditation?
There is no need to go away to experience the beauty of meditation, just pause for a moment when you are doing something in which your mind is not engaged, like cooking or making a cup of tea, and you will feel rejuvenated.

4 Stages of Meditation: the journey from first steps into experience
1. At the beginners’ level: I begin to think about myself differently and to look at life from a different perspective, putting all my roles aside and seeing myself as a spiritual being, a being of light with divine qualities.

‘but I can’t focus’…
First, I begin to observe what I am thinking of and the quality of my thoughts. Am I thinking about my own qualities, my spiritual identity? The mind’s job is to think, it is natural. I don’t need to empty it, rather to direct it.

2. As I gradually step into meditation and see its value I gradually settle down to the comfort of seeing myself as a spiritual being. I become focused.

3. Contemplation: I am deeply engaged in meditation, concentrating on thoughts of peace. I am not disturbed by things of this world, thoughts or sounds. This allows me to see my inner beauty.

4. Experience: I start to feel these thoughts deeply. Then I feel detached form the body.

How long will it take to reach that stage?
This depends on the individual and the effort I put in. As I deeply think about these things during the day I experience them. I need to find the balance of being spiritual and being in this world.

Just for one minute every hour focus on your identity, your spiritual nature. This centres me, the mind doesn’t wonder.

Meditation is just turning a little switch on in your consciousness. When you come out of meditation you see the world with a different perspective. Like watching the world from ‘Google Earth’ everything looks so small. Those are the moments that I am actually living for myself. The greatest gift that we can give to ourselves is to go deep into ourselves, to learn the art of meditation. Then challenges will seem easier.

My mind is my best friend, it is my own laboratory. I can choose what to think, I am not a slave to my mind. I can guide it into the type of thinking I want to. Then I am able to see that I can have inner mastery, this is the aim of Raja Yoga. It requires discipline and practice. The more I guide my mind, the more it becomes focused and a state of control happens. Then I know what love, peace and wisdom is and I live with a different experience. I can share it with others.

If someone who is focused and peaceful walks into a room it affects other people. Whatever we think vibrates into the atmosphere. The more we experience peace the more we can touch others with that peace. When people walk into that atmosphere their minds become quiet.

In Raja Yoga: When I change, the world changes.Change doesn’t come about by pointing a finger at others. Peace and war begin in the mind. How you use your mind is in your hands.As you experience meditation you see the potential of your mind and your mind becomes constructive. It brings the mind into a state of positivity and constructive thoughts. I then become a catalyst for change in the world.

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