Mind Detox

Is your mind relaxed, peaceful, light, dancing and anticipating joy or is it caught up in thoughts that you just can’t get rid of, heavy, in a state of dis-ease and anxious? If the latter maybe it is time to consider a mind detox as we would a physical one if our bodies had been stressed and were now sluggish, or as we would de-cluttering/spring-cleaning our homes if suddenly we needed more space in them maybe? We can even think of our mind as the house we live in and approach a detox/de-cluttering in this way.

The front door & porch [this can be equated to my attitude towards others]. Is this cluttered, closed, open or welcoming? When someone comes in front of you what is your response? Do you see them through tinted glasses of past memories? Do you welcome some and not others? Do you see qualities or weaknesses?

TIP to move towards a more welcoming response see beyond someone’s physical appearance knowing that underneath we are all the same and that it is just life’s experiences that have resulted in ‘X’ being ‘X’ and ‘Y’ being ‘Y’. Underneath we are all human beings with good qualities -as well as our weaknesses- and so focus on the good and aim to discover at least one good quality of everyone you meet.

The living room [my conscious mind where my daily drama takes place]. How are you playing it? What is the ‘mood’ of the room? Have you ever noticed how the mood you are in affects others? What obstacles are you facing today? How do you approach life challenges?

TIP: consider the obstacles you are facing to be dazzling opportunities, for without them we do not in fact learn and grow. Challenges allow us to increase our spiritual power and discover our potential. We can see them as journeys of discovery and not things to cause us difficulty, and that whatever comes into our drama is the absolutely perfect thing to help us progress spiritually. When we stop resisting and accept and see opportunities we release this energy to help us transform them and move forward. Where would be without them?

The kitchen [here creativity takes place, what are you dreaming about?] So what are you churning, brewing or concocting? What ingredients (thoughts) are you mixing together? Are you trying out new recipes or just the same old ones? Our thoughts create our experiences… so who is running your kitchen? Do you feel that you are in charge of creating your life or do you feel that you are a victim of life and powerless to change anything?

TIP: here the raw ingredients are your thoughts. Are you actually aware of what you are thinking about most of the time? Begin by stepping back and watching your thoughts without judgement. See how a train of thoughts comes and carries you of? Is it where you want to be going? As you watch them they will slow down and then you can begin to discriminate between them, and choose the ones you like and let the others go. Remember that you are not your thoughts, they are the ingredients on the shelf in the supermarket of thoughts and they create your mood… so how would you like to feel today?

The basement [my subconscious mind]. Here we keep our memories, history and past. To shift through all these memories and process them would take for ever. There is a shortcut though – go to straight to the foundations [my unconscious mind, the core of our being]. This is the part of us that everything else is built on, who we are and were we find our strengths, peace, love and goodness. When we take this shortcut and bring out these qualities once again in our lives they flow into our being and fill us allowing the things of the past to just fall away, as there is no space/place for them anymore as we fill up with happiness. This takes us into the attic or our highest state of consciousness where the ‘angel’ within is activated and we feel moved to serve humanity.

TIP: meditation aids us in going straight to our foundations and so to heal.

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