Time For You: Secrets for Beating Stress

Stress isn’t out there; it is about my ability to cope with something. To beat stress I need to build my self esteem. We get addicted to others’ approval and we don’t see ourselves as important. I am the most important person in my life. I will make time for myself if I think I am important.

How can I make my whole life ‘Time for Me’?
1. Give/put my heart into everything.
2. Be clear about my roles but don’t identify with them. Do/say your bit but don’t take things personally, be detached and play your role.
3. Learn to say ‘No’. It is good to have motivation and determination but without tension and stress, which is what happens when we say ‘Yes’ to everything.
4. Find your time-wasters. Plan just 10 minutes to sit and be. Create a positive frame of mind before you expose yourself to the things around. Otherwise I become a puppet to the events of the day.
5. Walk away form work, connect with people and then come back. When you take time out, you sustain that creativity.

Mind exercises:
1. Use your mind to relax the body. Do not try to sort anything out at this time but let thoughts pass by like clouds and just focus on relaxing your body.
2. Work time: Use creative visualizations. Refresh your mind, e.g. go on a holiday in your mind.
3. Visualise yourself as you want to be; be patient, etc. and fell it.

4. Visualise a problematic situation the way you want it to be. See it resolved.
5. Spiritual sunbathing: In the morning expose yourself to the spiritual sun and take that power within because I can’t deal with things just with my own power. Tune into where you are at, connect and absorb whatever is lacking.
6. Finish laziness and hold a court with yourself every night, look at your profit and loss. We keep ourselves busy because we are too lazy to look at ourselves. There is time for everything. Be strict with it. Make peace with the day/ people. Detach from your personality. Imagine that your whole day has run its course like a mountain stream; so much has been collected along the way. Hand it all over to the ocean.

How to let go things?
It is not a quick fix but a matter of time and practice. Go inside the eye of the storm, the inner core. Practice detaching from your emotions. Keep a diary of your feelings and how you want to be. Let go of your ego, be humble: ‘It is not my show’. ‘My purpose is to do well, to benefit, and not to compete’. These conversations with the self allow me to let go.

It is important to do something new in your meditation in order not to make it stale. Look at your routine, is it governed by a habit? Question your patterns.

Meditation is time to connect with your goodness inside, not to dig out negativity. Meditation is easier when done in a group, but still solitude at the beginning and end of the day is important.

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