Being Alone without Being Lonely

Even for those of us who are quite comfortable being alone, this age of social distancing and self-isolation is a challenging period. What’s the best way to get through this period of isolation? And what’s the difference between being lonely and being alone? Listen to Mike George as he walks us through how to: – Continue reading »

Believe in Yourself and Own Your Worth

Do you know the value you offer? Do you ever doubt your worth? Do you believe in yourself? Even when no one else does? Even when it feels like everything is against you? What you believe is powerful. Limiting, negative self beliefs make you accept less than what you’re worth. They dis-empower you from making Continue reading »

Change and Uncertainty with Sister Jayanti

Change and uncertainty can be a struggle and difficult to manage at the best of times. But right now, during coronavirus, the amount of uncertainty we’re all facing is unthinkable. And so much keeps changing how we work, eat, move, socialise… Yet we have all amazingly adapted to new ways of living. Sister Jayanti shares Continue reading »