Own Your Presence: step into your truth and magnificence

Are you living distractedly or with presence? Are you letting other people’s truth define how you live your life or are you living your truth loudly and proudly? Are you letting setbacks set you back or set you up for success?

If we want to live an authentic life, make a greater impact and magnify others, we just need to step into our truth and be more present in our presence. Because no matter who we are or what we do, the capacity for magnificence lies within each one of us.

Join us to explore the why, what and how of owning your presence and stepping into your truth and magnificence.

Speaker: Joanna Kitto is a retired Psychology and Organisational Behaviour lecturer, who worked in Hong Kong and the Isle of Man. Now, living in the Isle of Man, Joanna develops events and retreats on spirituality, ecology and wellbeing.

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