Caring for the Mind: a conversation on positive mental health

Taking care of our mental health has never been more important. Especially as we begin to see the impact of this last year on our overall wellbeing. So, it’s definitely time to make our mental health a top priority.

And even though it’s sometimes tricky and uncomfortable, we need to keep the conversations around mental health going. Join us for a conversation between Pamela Donnellan and Caroline Ward, as they explore:

  •  why your feelings are valid, how to be kind to yourself and why it’s OK not to feel OK
  •  ways to care and strengthen your mental wellbeing

Speaker: Pamela Donnellan is a counsellor, facilitator and an educator in Australia. She has been a student of the mind for more than four decades.

Speaker: Caroline Ward is a consultant, writer and speaker, working in organisational change and transformation, in Latin America and Australia.

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