Sleep Better, Rest Better

Have you mastered the art of getting a good night’s sleep? And no matter how long you sleep, do you wake up in the morning feeling rested? If you’re finding that getting good quality sleep is becoming increasingly challenging, it’s time to brush up on your sleep know how. Because sleep is always a hot Continue reading »

Think More Positively

Your thinking affects everything. Think negative thoughts, and it drains your energy, elevates your anxiety and makes things seem worse than they actually are. Even though it’s so easy for negative thoughts to creep in, it’s really important at times like these to hold onto a positive attitude. Join this session to understand: how the Continue reading »

Practicing Self-Care Now

Self-care isn’t selfish or an indulgence. It’s a priority. Especially right now, when stress is running high, it’s more essential than ever. Because when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. And self-care will also reset an anxious mind, make you more productive and enable you to be your best. But Continue reading »

Think, Now Think Again

It’s time to put our thinking under the magnifying glass.  Why? Everything is affected by our thinking. If our thinking is in confusion or negative how can we have peace of mind?  So, how aware are you of your thoughts, your tone of thinking and what influences your thinking tone? Here are some questions to Continue reading »

A Calm Mind, A Serene Mind

What is the opposite to a calm and serene mind? A dissatisfied mind. A needy mind. One with a negative inner world. In contrast, the serene mind is a contented mind. A mind full of appreciation and gratitude. A mind that knows that it is fulfilling its potential. A mind that is filled with wisdom Continue reading »

Mastering Anxiety

At times we all find ourselves feeling anxious. To feel anxious when we attempt something new is natural, it becomes a problem though when it stops us achieving our goals and grows into a feeling that we just don’t seem to be able to shake off. We can distract ourselves for a while by going Continue reading »

Mind Detox

Does your mind feel heavy, sluggish and dull? Maybe it is time for a mind detox? Like detoxing the body, a mind detox makes the mind lighter, brighter and more resilient. So, what is the mind’s food? Thoughts. What are toxins for the mind? What makes it heavy, sluggish and dull? What causes you to Continue reading »

Peace of Mind

We travel across the five continents searching for peace. Why have we still not found it? We are searching ‘outside’ of ourselves for something that can only be ‘found’ within. Pause for a moment… go inside… become silent… and create a thought of peace… Let peace enter your life. Who doesn’t want peace of mind? Continue reading »

Stop Being Hurt

At some time or another we’ve all experienced our share of hurt. But sometimes, we become so wrapped up in the past that we continually replay scenes, events, sounds, images of the person we believe “did me wrong”. As we recall the hurt, we’re recreating our feelings of hurt. At this point, I’m hurting me. Continue reading »

When the Unexpected Happens

Today, we live in a world where many things are contrary to how we would wish them to be and in which situations can occur suddenly and ‘out of the blue.’ This leaves us wondering what will happen next and creats a question mark about the future. Today, it is not a question of something Continue reading »

Influence: Winning Hearts and Minds

Traditionally, we link being influential to position and status; to our place within an hierarchical structure. Traditionally we are influenced by: -what we can see and measure i.e. scientific proofs. We tend to consider these to be ‘written in stone’ only if we look through time we can see how every now and then these Continue reading »

De-Clutter Your Mind

As we would weed a garden; spring clean a house; detox our body or virus sweep a computer so too we need to de-clutter our minds. Why? Clutter overwhelms the mind with needless, wasteful and negative thoughts. Now worry creeps in and we begin looking outside of ourselves for love, regard and appreciation, creating more Continue reading »