Stop Being Hurt


At some time or another we’ve all experienced our share of hurt. But sometimes, we become so wrapped up in the past that we continually replay scenes, events, sounds, images of the person we believe “did me wrong”. As we recall the hurt, we’re recreating our feelings of hurt. At this point, I’m hurting me.

So, what to do with our feelings of hurt? How to get over them? Through comfort eating? And when you say, “I’m fine thank you, it doesn’t matter” – are you really over the hurt?

This is what not to do:
-Don’t push feelings of hurt aside – if you do they’ll just grow in the back of your mind and your heart.
-Don’t allow the behaviour of others to make you feel bitter or make you isolate yourself.

If the past has moved on, i can move on too. I can hear you asking, “How exactly am I supposed to do this?” Don’t worry, all you need to do is let go.

Letting go does not mean that nothing happened. It means that you no longer want to be controlled by it. Letting go does not mean minimising or excusing the wrong. It means releasing your feelings of hurt from your mind and from your heart.

So, just get all of the hurt out and move on to a better place. Just drop it. How do you drop a piece of hot coal you’re holding? How do you drop heavy, useless bags? By realising that you no longer want to carry the burden. It no longer serves you any purpose. Let go.

It’s important to note that everybody handles hurt in different ways, so give yourself time and space. Sometimes it takes time to really let go. You might want to write down exactly how you feel. Be honest about how you feel, no one is going to read it. And then throw it away. You could also talk with the right person.

Once you’ve freed the hurt you can begin to smile and then the whole world looks different.

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