Keeping Your Cool When Emotions Run Hot

When emotions are running hot, does it take over your perspective and reasoning? Do you react instantly? Lose your cool and things can easily spin out of control and make things worse. The ability to stay calm and clear-headed in the face of strong emotions and stressful situations is a skill we can all improve. Continue reading »

Sharpen Your Focus and Manage Distractions

As our world of work continues to change, keeping distractions at bay continues to be challenging. From digital distractions to constant interruptions and irrelevant thoughts. Should we let ourselves get distracted? Because sometimes a good distraction is exactly what we need to get back on track. Or do you find that, most often than not, Continue reading »

Own Your Presence: step into your truth and magnificence

Are you living distractedly or with presence? Are you letting other people’s truth define how you live your life or are you living your truth loudly and proudly? Are you letting setbacks set you back or set you up for success? If we want to live an authentic life, make a greater impact and magnify others, we just need Continue reading »

The Art of Loving and Letting Go

One of the hardest lessons in any relationship is letting go. But when we let go, we open our heart and let love flow. Love is all about letting go and letting others be. It’s about letting go of our own fears, limitations and control, and letting yourself become more vulnerable. How to expand our Continue reading »

Are You Living Life Fully Charged? Boost Your Energy and Motivation

How often do you find yourself running on empty? Wishing you had more energy? Finding motivation hard to come by? As you know, energy and motivation cannot be underestimated. Energy fuels us to get things done and manage everything else better. Motivation drives us to go for our goals and stay on track. So, if Continue reading »

Embracing Struggle, Leveraging Failure

Struggle and failure happen. But do you struggle with struggle and let your failures define you? Do you view them as something to be avoided? Change the way you perceive things, and struggle becomes an instrument to transcend your limitations, and failure an opportunity to achieve greater wisdom. So, embrace the struggles and learn from Continue reading »

Reclaim Your Inner Calm: ancient strategies for modern life

With all the chaos and complexity, are you craving for a little bit of calm? Don’t worry, we can reclaim it; without going to a mountain peak or the forest; without adopting the lotus position or becoming a monk. It’s as it says in some of the ancient, timeless wisdom; calm is a place that Continue reading »

The Art of Serendipity: connecting with coincidence

Serendipity is when you make discoveries or find something valuable you weren’t even looking for. Is it a coincidence, a happy accident, good fortune? Or is it that what is meant to be will find its way? Can we create serendipity? How? And when serendipity happens, are you able to recognise, “I found what I Continue reading »

Nurturing and Strengthening Your Relationships: Q&A

Question and answer session with Moira Lowe who is the director of the Brahma Kumaris in Argentina. Speaker: Moira Lowe was a surgical nurse and is currently the director of the Brahma Kumaris in Argentina. She runs sessions on values and personal development for organisations in Latin America.    

Nurturing and Strengthening Your Relationships

Relationships aren’t static, they’re dynamic and they can’t thrive on their own. They require an investment of yourself; time, energy and work. But the reality is, that this is no small task. Because we’re already overloaded with too many priorities. And even though most relationships are messy and complicated, they’re well worth the investment. Because Continue reading »