The Four Levels of Relaxation

Creating a Balanced Life from the Inside Out In these tense and turbulent times, the ability to relax is essential to our wellbeing. Finding the time and space each day to deeply relax is no small challenge. But did you know that there are many levels of relaxation, some of which you may not have Continue reading »

The Courage to Be Disliked, Succeeding As You Are

Who doesn’t want to be liked? But when we’re trying to be more likeable, we may end up becoming someone we aren’t, trying to live up to others’ expectations, wanting to please others and seek approval. If you were to stop trying to be liked and start being OK with being disliked, you would free Continue reading »

How to Deal with Things Not Going Your Way

When things don’t go your way, do you fight it or give up? Do you hope, cope or mope? Or do you go with the flow regardless of where you want to go? Well, it makes sense to persevere and keep trying because there are things worth fighting for. But as life almost always doesn’t Continue reading »

Managing Emotions More Effectively

Do your emotions run wild? Or do you bottle them up? Hold back your emotions and eventually not only will you explode, but it will also affect your wellbeing and relationships. Let emotions overtake you, and it will distort your thinking and perspective. As emotions impact your ability to act, react, create and communicate, it’s Continue reading »

Staying Motivated and Inspired

What motivates you? What inspires you? As you know, being motivated and inspired feels amazing! It makes you feel on top of the world. It stimulates your thinking and creativity. It fuels you to get out of bed and go for your goals. Now, does your motivation and inspiration come and go, wax and wane? Continue reading »

Calm-Onomics: Control The Crazy, Keep Your Cool

Life is generally crazy and demanding, but especially in times like these, with all the complexity and anxiety, it’s crazy! There’s a high cost to our mind, productivity and health. What everyone needs is a little bit of calm. Calm enhances our capacity to keep the crazy under control and stay cool under pressure. But Continue reading »

Dealing with Other People’s Negativity

We’re almost always dealing with someone in our life who brings negativity. Does the negativity drain your energy? Create unnecessary stress in your life? If you let the negativity get to you, it not only feeds the negativity, but it can also deplete your positivity. Now, you can’t always avoid or block out negative people, Continue reading »

Sharpen Your Creativity in Adversity

Has there been an outpouring of creativity in your world in the last few months? From cooking to the way you work, communicate and socialise? Or have you found it almost impossible to be creative in these challenging times? Does the endless flow of information amplify your fear and hamper your creativity? Creativity in adversity Continue reading »

How to Keep Moving Forward When Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck? Stuck in problems, worries, resentment, confusion…. Stuck in unhealthy habits or relationships…. Stuck in the mud, snow or in life. And especially right now, when life has been put on hold, many of us are starting to feel stagnant and stuck, unable to move forward. Stuck happens. But if you do nothing, nothing Continue reading »

How to Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally

Do you find yourself being too self-critical? Waiting for others to love you? Can you love others even when they’re being difficult? Even when they may have wronged you? Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It wants nothing, expects nothing. And it’s when you give yourself unconditional love that you have a Continue reading »

Reclaim Your Power

What makes you feel powerless? What drains your power? Have you been giving it away? Well, if you’ve been letting others get to you, letting life get you down, putting yourself down, then it’s time to take your power back. Find your power and you’ll restore your energy and empower yourself to: be proactive, not reactive and handle things effectively. Because true power isn’t Continue reading »