What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is acceptance. It accepts and embraces the self and others. It knows that no-one is perfect right now and that we all have hurts that we need to heal. It knows that everyone is doing their best. Conditional love criticises. Unconditional love is balance. The male and female principles are in balance. The Continue reading »

Fall in Love with Life Again

Do you remember waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed and enthusiastically looking forward to what the day would unfold? Each day was an adventure. Where did that feeling go? Has it been lost in the everyday humdrum? Over-ridden by being constantly on the go? Or squashed by worries and stress? And most Continue reading »

People Code: A Change of Focus

The PEOPLE CODE is 10 check points to help us change our focus, so that we take back the reigns of how we feel into our own hands. When we do, our relationships naturally become more loving, supportive and fun. P: People-Pleasing. Are you doing this? It can lead to burn out or force us Continue reading »

Why Forgive?

Forgiveness can transform our lives. Forgiveness is a choice and an act of love. Forgiveness frees us from painful memories and allows us to move forward, reach our full potential and be happy. Take a moment and just think: if I hold onto negative things from the past, is it doing me any good? Does Continue reading »

Live Life with Passion

Are you loving what you do and doing what you love? Do you feel enthusiastic about what you are doing? Do you wake up feeling passionate about what you ‘have to’ do today or is more of a ‘I have to’ list? We can have a lot of technical ability, only when there is no Continue reading »

Unravelling Some Myths About Love

Why? It is a journey to self-understanding. Unless we understand ourselves we can’t truly manage our emotions and feelings. The struggles we experience in our relationships have more to do with us not understanding ourselves than anything else. If we want to understand ourselves then we need to enroll in the one real school; the Continue reading »

What Do We Need To Grow Spiritually?

Take a tree… Water: Truth When we like an idea and it resonates with us… this is ‘water’ for soul. The best water of all for the soul is truth and it is needed daily! Listen to, read about or write (reflect) about something based on truth every day. You can just to ask yourself: Continue reading »

The Power Within

The power of patience; don’t allow impatience to come. When there is patience you can come into harmony with others. When there is patience peace and love automatically work. Pause… and you can develop patience within your thinking. The power to tolerate. It is okay, we are all learning so let me learn to live Continue reading »

Universal Laws

The universal laws of: –giving and receiving (to give is to receive). –harmony (to live in harmony with others and our environment). –non-violence (towards the self and others). –respect (of self-respect and respect for others). When we lack self-respect we look for respect from others; when we have self-respect we give respect to others automatically. Continue reading »

The Art of Connecting

There is: – the person you meet with infrequently but with whom you get on with so well. – the person you see everyday but with whom you feel uncomfortable. A meaningful connection This isn’t based on what we are saying or how we are reacting to each other, it is at the level of Continue reading »

Fun Factor 2

How do I inject lightness into my life? Seriousness holds me back. I am more creative when I am relaxed. I take my work seriously but have fun doing it. Do you love what you do? If not, why? – Spend more time doing the things that you like and less time doing the things Continue reading »

Words of Wisdom From a Yogi: Love

If you want to increase the value of your life just become a sunflower, then a lotus flower and then a rose flower. A sunflower will only ever face the sun; when you face the sun you receive light and all the ‘germs’ are destroyed. A lotus flower’s roots may be in murky water but Continue reading »