How to Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally

Do you find yourself being too self-critical? Waiting for others to love you? Can you love others even when they’re being difficult? Even when they may have wronged you?

Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It wants nothing, expects nothing. And it’s when you give yourself unconditional love that you have a lot more to give to everything and truly love others unconditionally.

How to stop making love conditional? How to love yourself without being self-absorbed? How to love others without getting hurt, without fear? Join us for tools on how to cultivate unconditional love.

Speaker: Sister Sudesh has been practising meditation for over 60 years. She is an inspiring speaker, whose clarity and depth of understanding resonates with people from all walks of life. As the Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe, she is currently based in Germany.


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