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Are you loving what you do and doing what you love? Do you feel enthusiastic about what you are doing? Do you wake up feeling passionate about what you ‘have to’ do today or is more of a ‘I have to’ list?

We can have a lot of technical ability, only when there is no passion about what we are doing we feel that there is something missing and that we are just going through the motions. When we are passionate about what we are doing we feel alive and enthused.

How do we re-awaken our passion for life?
Do you feel you are living on purpose? Are your actions aligned with your purpose? If not, we might be physically present but our mind and heart will be elsewhere.

If you are not sure about your purpose? What is your dream? What do you dream to be? To do? Maybe, for example, you dream of a better world? The question then becomes what can I do in a practical way to make this tangible?

Often we are living someone elses’ dream or someone elses’ idea of who we should be. Why do we do this? It could be out of a desire to please others, to feel we belong or out of fear of rejection? When our actions are filled with intention and connected to our purpose we feel passionate about what we are doing.

Another clue… Today we often find ourselves running around in many directions chasing after many ‘desires.’ This leaves us feeling discontent and exhausted!

We are valuing what we have, and not who we are or can be. Purpose, however, is usually connected with being and giving. There are 3 essential desires that have a connection with our purpose. These are the desires: to know, to be complete and to act.

  • To know. How many conversations do you have that are meaningful? Open your mind? Make you question things? We have around 30, 000 thoughts a day and around 95% of these are the same as the ones we had yesterday! We can nurture our passion to know with creative questions and rich conversations.
  • To be complete. This is the energy of love. When we are born we feel incomplete and there is a desire to find what will make us complete. We tend to focus on our relationships here, but this might also be through meditation and silence.
  • To act. We manifest ourselves through our actions. Our actions show what we think and feel. Adding purpose to our actions doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs though, it can also be, say, to spread a little happiness. When our actions are filled with purpose we experience passion for life.
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