Stuck Again?

Feeling stuck again!? How many times have you ‘felt’ stuck in life? How many times have you got unstuck? How did you do it? Do you remember? First of all, are you really stuck or is it really time to celebrate? Maybe you have just achieved one of your goals? Sometimes, after attaining a goal Continue reading »

Unstoppable – Unbreakable

The goal is set, the path seems clear and we are on our way. Then the challenges start coming and it is taking us much longer to reach our goal than we thought it would. We find ourselves beginning to wonder: Am I being too unrealistic? Is ‘this’ good enough? How can we ensure that Continue reading »

Empower Yourself

What is self empowerment? Here, we are considering it in terms of power over the self. In other words, over how we act, feel, speak and think. It’s about choice and having the inner power to follow one’s dreams. Recall a time you felt empowered. What were you doing? We feel empowered when we believe Continue reading »

Turning Failure into Success

Failure happens, right? We’ve all failed…  Remember, when you we first learned to walk, how many times did you fall? Imagine if we’d taken every fall as failure! Did we even consider it a failure? Wasn’t it just part of learning to walk? As children we learn by trial and error, why would it be Continue reading »

Avoid Indecision

I thought I knew how to start this blog and now, “hmmm… I’m not so sure…” Indecision happens to the best of us. So, why are we indecisive? Often we’re afraid to make the wrong choice, we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. If this is the case, then make yourself understand that no-one ever Continue reading »

Ego – Go

How do you know when your ego is at work? “I am better than…” “I am not as good as…” Both these two expressions of ego are as bad as each other! Ever caught yourself thinking, “Without me they wouldn’t have got as far as they did”. Well, that’s not you but your ego talking. Continue reading »

DNA of Success

What is success? Success in relationships, career, family, balancing of head and heart, personal development etc? However, do you ever find… a) that you run into conflicts of success, e.g., what being successful as a parent means versus being a successful in my career means? b) that feeling that there must be ‘something more’ or Continue reading »

Being Tolerant – Part Two

Becoming tolerant: some more tips 1a) Make it your priority: to stay calm and to not lose your happiness no matter what happens! If this is truly your aim it will help pull you back as you check; ‘Is this truly worth losing my peace and happiness over?’ 1b) Take one aim for the day, Continue reading »