Stuck Again?


Feeling stuck again!? How many times have you ‘felt’ stuck in life? How many times have you got unstuck? How did you do it? Do you remember?

First of all, are you really stuck or is it really time to celebrate? Maybe you have just achieved one of your goals? Sometimes, after attaining a goal we can experience the ‘plateau’ effect. It feels strange to not be making effort and we interpret this feeling as one of being ‘stuck.’ Instead, celebrate your success. You have earned it.

Secondly, are you really stuck or is it time for something new? Has your day job (or anything for that matter) become second nature for you? Is that feeling of ‘stuck’ actually a desire for newness? Newness brings freshness, growth and wonder into our lives. How can you bring newness into your life? It doesn’t have to be something big and dramatic, it could be as simple as joining a new painting, exercise, singing or meditation class.

Thirdly, there is being truly stuck. You just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, and it’s as if every step forward you take is followed by three back. Two main causes for this are that we are resisting or avoiding something and secondly that a limiting unconscious belief is at play.

A good question to begin with is, ‘Am I resisting or avoiding something?’ When we don’t feel supported or strong enough to face something, we may unconsciously sabotage ourselves in order to protect ourselves, or settle for something less in order to avoid facing something. It might be, for instance, that we have a phobia of lifts and that this is preventing us from going for our dream job as the company’s office is on the 23rd floor. Here, what is in the way is the way. On the other side is our dream job, ease, flow and freedom. We need to be bold, and it is alright and OK to ask for help or support across to the other side, if needed.

If we aren’t resisting or avoiding something, an unconscious ‘false’ belief about ourselves, others or the situation, might be what is tripping us up. The thing is, we unconsciously act to prove our beliefs are right, even if that means self-sabotage. By becoming conscious of these beliefs we can challenge them and then create new more supported ones, based on truth. Being more mindful, journaling, asking what we can learn from things that have gone wrong and meditation are all useful practices in surfacing our unconscious beliefs so that we can change them.

So, next time you feel stuck call on your 4 superpowers. Take some ‘me’ time and Withdraw (superpower 1). Slow down your thoughts, draw upon a Higher Power and Discern (superpower 2) how you are feeling. Ask yourself: Why am I feeling like this? Go deeper and ask yourself: What am I thinking that is making me feel like this? Then Decide (superpower 3) on one really powerful thought to hold onto and Pack-up (superpower 4) any other supportive thoughts you have and let go off the useless and detrimental ones.

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