Finding Balance on Uneven Ground

Did you know that it’s better for us to walk on uneven ground than paved surface? Walking on uneven ground means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the ‘hard’ path. So, why choose something hard when the easy path is so convenient? Because it builds strength and stability. It expands your capacity and …

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Making Decisions Under Stress

How many smart choices have you made in the middle of a stressful situation?

Stress Less, Relax More

For most of us, our stress levels are at an all-time high.

Time Management Techniques

Time Management can alleviate a lot of our daily stress and ensure we enjoy our life more. Here are some tried and tested techniques for different areas of life. Bookending Time We allocate time for tasks, but we often still run late. So learn to bookend. Bookending is keeping time for transition activities, you know, …

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Stress Busting

Not so long ago, we seemed to be wearing stress like a fashion accessory. Like all fashion accessories, has it had its day? New research is now indicating that it is perhaps not so good for our health, relationships and happiness to wear ‘stress’ on a daily basis. Maybe it is time to adopt a …

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The Relationship Code

We have a myriad of so many different relationships from the day we are born to the day we die. Consider: –What is the essence of a good relationship? Respect, acceptance, love, understanding… –What makes a ‘bad’ one? A lack of any of the above, selfishness, feeling stressed or unbalanced in oneself… Each experience we …

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Time For You: Secrets for Beating Stress

Stress isn’t out there; it is about my ability to cope with something. To beat stress I need to build my self esteem. We get addicted to others’ approval and we don’t see ourselves as important. I am the most important person in my life. I will make time for myself if I think I …

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De-Stress Life

Stress, why do we feel it? – Being stuck in the past (“don’t let the past be a pest”). It is good to learn from the past so to avoid making the same mistake again, but not get stuck there. – Not being able to make a decision. – Focusing on what we lack instead …

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