Time Management Techniques

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Time Management can alleviate a lot of our daily stress and ensure we enjoy our life more. Here are some tried and tested techniques for different areas of life.

Bookending Time
We allocate time for tasks, but we often still run late. So learn to bookend. Bookending is keeping time for transition activities, you know, time to find your kid’s other shoe, finding a parking spot, feed the parking meter….. and you’ll find you’re less stressed.

To hit the snooze button, or not
Snooze to lose. Don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button, thinking you’ll squeeze in the tasks you need to do. All you’ll end up achieving is getting frantic and maybe even late. And sadly, because you’re trying to live life in fast-forward, you’ll stop enjoying it.

Rethink your semantics
Maximise your enjoyment by choosing your words. Instead of: the play begins at 7pm, change it to, the curtain goes up at 7pm. It’s one experience to be seated comfortably with your program in hand, to running for the theatre door as the performance is about to start.

Notice How You Feel
Pick one meeting or event you would like to be on time for, get there 10 minutes earlier and notice how you feel. More relaxed, calmer, ready… Notice how others are as they arrive, late… Notice the benefits, and you’re more likely to arrive earlier.

Keep In Mind
Finally, something to keep in mind: No one likes being kept waiting. A French saying, loosely translated “While you keep a man waiting, he reflects on your shortcomings.” How do you want to be thought of? You’ll come off as more professional, more respectful, and more competent. Not to mention more relaxed.

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