De-Stress Life

Stress, why do we feel it?
– Being stuck in the past (“don’t let the past be a pest”). It is good to learn from the past so to avoid making the same mistake again, but not get stuck there.

– Not being able to make a decision.
– Focusing on what we lack instead of what we have.

Imagine you played the lottery and won the following prize: Every morning £86,400 will be deposited into your personal bank account. However, the following rules apply:
a. Everything you don’t spend that day will be taken away from you; plus you cannot transfer the money to anyone else’s account– you must spend it yourself.
b. The bank can stop the game whenever it wants and close your account forever.
Every morning we receive 86,400 seconds of life and those that we miss, by not living in the now, we lose forever. No second repeats exactly, so any second we are not present in is one missed forever. Yesterday is the past!

Myths about stress:
– “I can only achieve under stress”, “I perform well under stress”. It is the hit of adrenaline that stimulates you and makes you feel that you have more energy. However, it is temporary and when it’s over you feel drained.

– Others stress you – no one ever stresses you. It is your response to that person or event that stresses you.
– Everyone else is stressed so it must be OK.

Long-lasting remedies to help and prevent stress
Temporary remedies like relaxation, breathing and travel help stress but do not prevent it.

An antidote for stress is truth and peace. These are permanent residents in our inner selves. Stress is a sign that we have lost the awareness of the truth of “who I am” and blocked our access to the peace within.

– Practise: ‘I am now fully present in the here and now. There is only now. I am now’. By making the most out of “the now” we automatically invest the maximum for the future, which then will become something good in the past.

– Meditation: It makes us realise that we are made of peace. Peace is the core state of you, the spiritual being. It is the very ground of your being and it is also your power. When you act from this place of peace you do not get stressed.

Connecting with our being
– Be honest with yourself: ‘What do I want?’

– Be kind to yourself.
– Change “I have to” into “I want to” – at the end of the day we decide what we do.
– Go with nature rather than against it (get up with the dawn and go to bed with the sunset), the mornings are full of energy as everything is waking up.
– Play.
– Detach yourself from the problem.

– Do not take yourself too seriously –as then we stop enjoying life.
– Change your way of thinking (transform negative thoughts into positive ones).
– Find your aim in life.
– Recharge (to say that you do not have time to recharge is like saying “I don’t have time to fill up with petrol”).
– Be loving (peace and love are married – you can not have peace if you are not loving, you cannot be loving when you are stressed).
– Manage your time (stop and refresh).
– Have the attitude that: “All that happens is good”, “I am happy, I enjoy life”.
– Avoid phrases like: “I am afraid”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m not sure”, “I can’t be bothered”.
– Prioritise things.

Results: These things add years and quality to your life; they bring cheerfulness, stability and focus.

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