The Mood Gym

Create a happier and more stable mood Here are some of our thoughts behind a good mood gym workout. Where we can we keep our moods happy, real and motivated? After all, we all want to be happier, not just sometimes, but always, right?  This means we’re free from reacting to things around us because Continue reading »

Mood Management

A mood is different from an emotional reaction. Emotions are like the waves created on the surface of the lake by the wind. They tend to be reactions to external situations and short lived. Can you count how many emotions you experienced today? A mood is something deeper and it lasts for longer. Moods influence Continue reading »

From Mood to Mood

Bad moods happen. There are days when we all feel down! Where no matter how bright and sunny the weather, we’re in a mood. And most of us allow our moods to get the better of us. So, how do you deal with the emotions? Do you eat yourself silly or spend time snapping at Continue reading »

Flipside – Flip Your Mood

A ‘bad’ mood? Now where did that come from? Maybe it is that we have too much to do; we have to do something we don’t like; something happens or other people are irritating, frustrating or annoying us? Who likes being in a ‘bad’ mood? Does it seem like there is nothing you can do Continue reading »

Mood Maintenance

What stops us from maintaining our mood? In order to maintain a good mood we need power to ‘hold it up’ as we are going against the flow. This power comes from the self (soul). To access this power we need to take time out on a daily basis to get to know who we Continue reading »

Mood Management

Question: How many of your moods are caused by things around you? By others behaviour? By situations? By your expectations? By what you think is expected of you? By media? Question: Have you ever said, today whatever happens I am going to stay in charge of my mood? Today, I choose to be peaceful, patient Continue reading »

Mood Management

Do I give these invitations to mood to come and visit? 1. Making comparisons 2. Expectations 3. Environmental influences: the weather 4. Extreme situations, like 9/11, 7/7 5. Tending not to face the self or the problems 6. And worst of all, indifference – there are no feelings in your heart anymore. Moods paralyse your Continue reading »