How to Face Your Fears

When fear shows up, do you Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise? Some fears are real, some are not. But mostly fears are the stories we tell ourselves. And the stories others tell us often tend to heighten our anxiety, creating a culture of fear. If you don’t want fear to stop you from living Continue reading »

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety (a spiritual approach)

Were you born fearful and anxious? If not what happened? Where do they come from? Taking a spiritual approach we are going to dive beneath the surface, to consider what it going on and how we might enable ourselves to return to our original state of being. Fear and anxiety are not our original and Continue reading »

Loving Life

Imagine waking-up every day feeling enthusiastic about what the day might hold. Imagine loving every moment of every day, no matter what’s going on. Is it possible? Life is for happiness, learning and giving. When we are aligned to these, life flows. So, how can we increase the feeling of loving life? The answer lies Continue reading »

Shift Fear

Fear! We all have phobias. Fear of heights, of the spotlight, of commitment, of public speaking and the most famous one of all – fear of the unknown. Why is there fear? Is it based on reality? Do you find yourself seeking shelter in the arms of fear rather than taking up a challenge? Hmmm? Continue reading »

Becoming Fear-Less

Fear can deceive us, stop us achieving our goals and paralyse us. Is it possible to lessen its hold over us? Cultivate the capacity to see things differently Something happens and we experience fear, is it possible to look at what has happened in another way and experience something else? Such as, we lose our Continue reading »

The Voice of Intuition

We are wise, only we have become disconnected from our wisdom. Intuition connects us to our inner wisdom. The voice of intuition is the voice that is aligned with the universal laws; it is the voice of the soul; it is the creative voice of your being; it is the voice of our authentic self Continue reading »

Thoughts on Courage

Why courage? With courage, there are always possibilities. Courage has traditionally been defined as a masculine virtue. There are also the more feminine aspects of courage. These can be recognised in the roots of the word. The French ‘corage’ means heart and spirit, and the Latin ‘cor’ means heart. Courage is always in touch with Continue reading »

Beyond Fear: Living with Audacity

The Tiger We see a tiger standing before us on the path and… we automatically feel afraid- naturally. We see the tiger and… there is fear- of course. Take this in slow motion…What has happened in between? – so fast, though that the fear is there instantaneously. We see the tiger and… we create a Continue reading »

Ego Vs The Real Self

Two beliefs: Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ and the creationist beliefs. When we feel that life is about ‘survival’ we are instantly in competition with each other. Survival implies that there is not enough to go around and that to be the one to survive I have to get ahead even if it is at Continue reading »

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

The spectrum of fear: paralysis-terror-fear-to be afraid-anxiety-nervousness-distraction. What is the cause of fear? The situations that happened, happen or we imagine will happen. What causes our fear? Our thoughts, the situation acts as a catalyst. This means that if we gain control over our thoughts we can gain control over our fear. When I am Continue reading »

Fear – Love

Comfortable feeling uncomfortable? Would you agree that we have in fact become so accustomed to fear that we don’t even notice its’ constant presence in our lives? What is behind seriousness, for example, if not fear? Do we not use fear to drive/motivate ourselves and others? Maybe the fear of being left behind- not keeping Continue reading »