Sharpen Your Creativity in Adversity

Has there been an outpouring of creativity in your world in the last few months? From cooking to the way you work, communicate and socialise? Or have you found it almost impossible to be creative in these challenging times? Does the endless flow of information amplify your fear and hamper your creativity?

Creativity in adversity not only reduces your stress, but it also increases your ability to innovate and problem solve.

Join us for tips on how to:

  •  turn adversity into advantage
  •  stop the information overload
  •  not let fear block your creativity
  •  sharpen your creativity in adversity

Speaker: Eric Le Reste has been a journalist and producer for news and current affairs programs for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for more than 30 years. He is based in Montreal and also coordinates the Brahma Kumaris centres in Canada.


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