The Voice of Intuition

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We are wise, only we have become disconnected from our wisdom. Intuition connects us to our inner wisdom. The voice of intuition is the voice that is aligned with the universal laws; it is the voice of the soul; it is the creative voice of your being; it is the voice of our authentic self and it is the voice that can guide us safely through a period of change. Intuition is not an impulse.

In times of change we experience fear (of the unknown) – our intuition knows though. To hear it we need to step back from the emotions that are generated by the situations we find ourselves in. We need to regain trust in ourselves and in the universe. We need to accept we have made mistakes, forgive ourselves and move on. Trusting, we empower ourselves and with trust we can journey to discover our purpose, what it is we have to give.

Create a clear line between your head and heart. The voice of intuition comes from the heart of our being and it sends a thought to our mind. So we need to clear the highway, to step back from this cosmic play and ‘go’ inside.

On stepping back though we need to be careful not to bring the outside world inside – leave it out there and then step back. Otherwise, it as if we are sailing down the river of life and letting the water of the river come into our boat – we will sink. To stay afloat we need to not let the water (the situations and circumstances) of life come into our boat. Step back from the stage and leave all that is going on there, there. Then find the stillness and quietness inside, listen for the voice of your intuition. Then we can go back out again on to the stage refreshed and with a new solution.

Keep awake and alive your awareness of your creative being and essence.

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