Improve Your Self Esteem

No matter how confident and successful we are, almost all of us have moments of self-doubt and insecurity. The thing is, we don’t have to let our doubts and insecurities overwhelm and undermine our self-esteem. If you’ve been underestimating yourself, it’s time for a self-esteem boost. This session explores: the causes of low self-esteem how Continue reading »

Daily Confidence Boosters

Everyday things can happen that can knock holes in our confidence, and doubt is always waiting there to take its chance. So, what can we do, on a day to day basis, to keep our confidence resilient and dismiss doubt’s deceptions? Fill your ‘waking’ with positivity. What are your first thoughts on waking? Is it Continue reading »

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is our status quo or set point. It’s where we stick to doing things that we consider are within our abilities and skills. We are in a familiar territory. It feels ‘safe.’ So, why would we want to expand it? Well, do you find yourself getting bored, stuck in a rut or Continue reading »

Communicate with Confidence

Communicating with confidence is being able to express yourself and articulate how you feel, positive or negative, in a respectful and loving manner.  A tall order?  Not if your communication is grounded in a healthy self-confidence, which is built on self-esteem and self-respect.  When there is fear of judgment or embarrassment you won’t be able Continue reading »

Boost Your Confidence

Can you say without doubt, ‘This is where I want to be and this is what I want to be doing’? Real confidence comes when we feel we are living our truth, on purpose and aligned with life. This comes from knowing who we are. This is deeper than ‘everyday’ confidence. To know who we Continue reading »

A Know-It-All

It’s like being a living breathing walkie-talkie encyclopaedia- with answers for just about anything and everything! It’s easy to be perceived as a know-it-all and not even realise it. Unfortunately most of us have started off with “Did you know…?” even when we weren’t asked for our opinion (that includes me!) A know-it–all attitude is Continue reading »

Worry Shifter

Worry- a way of thinking. Imagining the worst. Fast thinking. What if…? Fears. Phobias. Deadlines. Hurry. No time. Caught in ones’ own imagination. Doubt. Wanting. Why? How? From Worry to Confidence: =Make your mind your best friend – Teach the mind to think in a positive way. =Anticipate things going right, e.g. instead of thinking: Continue reading »

Instant Confidence

Con: With Fidence: Faith Confidence: With Faith Confidence is not about doing, but the way you approach something. The attitude with which you do things. I might not know how, but let me approach it with confidence. What builds confidence? – Knowing your values. Your values hold you in a certain way. If you are Continue reading »

Creativity Spirit

We are all creators. We create everything with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Everything is just energy, this we perceive through our senses. ‘Like energy’ attracts like. If we think positively we feel positive. The effects of feelings on your body are known so it is important to have a control of our Continue reading »