A Calm Mind, A Serene Mind

What is the opposite to a calm and serene mind? A dissatisfied mind. A needy mind. One with a negative inner world. In contrast, the serene mind is a contented mind. A mind full of appreciation and gratitude. A mind that knows that it is fulfilling its potential. A mind that is filled with wisdom Continue reading »

Feeling Overwhelmed?

So many things to do, so little time… or just the thought of the amount of work required to do one task… ughhh! It all makes us feel overwhelmed. When we feel overwhelmed we think and think about how much we have to do, and end up not getting much done. Whilst “overwhelm” happens to Continue reading »

Anger to Cool

Long live the Button Pusher Some people know just which buttons to press, and when we don’t know any better we just go ahead and let them. When they push our buttons, anger seeps out of us like water flowing out of a tap. Then later, we are faced with feelings of regret or perhaps Continue reading »