Calm-Onomics: Control The Crazy, Keep Your Cool

Life is generally crazy and demanding, but especially in times like these, with all the complexity and anxiety, it’s crazy! There’s a high cost to our mind, productivity and health.

What everyone needs is a little bit of calm. Calm enhances our capacity to keep the crazy under control and stay cool under pressure.

But calm is a commodity that seems to be in higher demand than ever. So if you’re finding calm in shorter supply than usual, then join us to explore calm-onomics and find ways to:

  •  go from crazy to cool
  •  deal with daily anxiety
  •  develop habits of calmness

Speaker: Judy Rodgers is a writer and a communication consultant who has worked extensively with thought leaders in business, education, and media. Judy lives at a retreat centre in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

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