Calm-Onomics: Control The Crazy, Keep Your Cool

Life is generally crazy and demanding, but especially in times like these, with all the complexity and anxiety, it’s crazy! There’s a high cost to our mind, productivity and health. What everyone needs is a little bit of calm. Calm enhances our capacity to keep the crazy under control and stay cool under pressure. But Continue reading »

Building Trust

Trust, it’s complicated. But it’s an important element in our life because when trust is low, anxiety is usually high. Trusting others: it’s not easy because people make mistakes, let us down…. How to mend broken trust? Trusting yourself: we’ve done our share of breaking people’s trust and had our moments of self-doubt…. How to Continue reading »

How to Face Your Fears

When fear shows up, do you Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise? Some fears are real, some are not. But mostly fears are the stories we tell ourselves. And the stories others tell us often tend to heighten our anxiety, creating a culture of fear. If you don’t want fear to stop you from living Continue reading »

Practicing Self-Care Now

Self-care isn’t selfish or an indulgence. It’s a priority. Especially right now, when stress is running high, it’s more essential than ever. Because when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. And self-care will also reset an anxious mind, make you more productive and enable you to be your best. But Continue reading »

Change and Uncertainty with Sister Jayanti

Change and uncertainty can be a struggle and difficult to manage at the best of times. But right now, during coronavirus, the amount of uncertainty we’re all facing is unthinkable. And so much keeps changing how we work, eat, move, socialise… Yet we have all amazingly adapted to new ways of living. Sister Jayanti shares Continue reading »

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety (a spiritual approach)

Were you born fearful and anxious? If not what happened? Where do they come from? Taking a spiritual approach we are going to dive beneath the surface, to consider what it going on and how we might enable ourselves to return to our original state of being. Fear and anxiety are not our original and Continue reading »

Mastering Anxiety

At times we all find ourselves feeling anxious. To feel anxious when we attempt something new is natural, it becomes a problem though when it stops us achieving our goals and grows into a feeling that we just don’t seem to be able to shake off. We can distract ourselves for a while by going Continue reading »