F is for Fear

Fear is when you’re Finding Excuses And Reasons (F.E.A.R.) to stay right where you are.

Whether it’s fear of rejection, fear of darkness, fear of uncertainty… Fear is a powerful force, but only when you allow it to be!

Fear is like a magnet. By focusing on your fear, you might unconsciously act in ways that are connected to the fear thus making it real.



The opposite of fear is hope. It knows no fear. Hope is clear-eyed. It sees the problem and is able to look past it for positive outcomes. Have Only Positive Expectations (H.O.P.E.).


Ask yourself: What is fear stopping you from doing?

Remind yourself: Just because you’re scared, it doesn’t mean you’re not smart or strong enough to overcome your fear.

Rise above the fear for a better perspective.

Have hope in your abilities. Be audacious and go for it.

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