Making Decisions Under Stress

How many smart choices have you made in the middle of a stressful situation?

Be Your Own Coach: Part 2

Be your own coach – carrying on from part one, where we explored how to release feelings of dis-ease, today we’re going to look at designing our destiny, the second aspect of self-coaching. Begin with the question: What is the purpose of my life? We’ve all thought about it at some point, right? We live …

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Avoid Indecision

I thought I knew how to start this blog and now, “hmmm… I’m not so sure…” Indecision happens to the best of us. So, why are we indecisive? Often we’re afraid to make the wrong choice, we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. If this is the case, then make yourself understand that no-one ever …

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Know When and When Not To

There is an epic Indian story called the Ramayana which tells the eternal story of humanity. In this story Sita, a princess who is married to Rama, steps outside of her ‘line of protection’ to help a beggar. She wants to give him something but he says she has to go to him as he …

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Fear Less Encounters

There are lots of situations in which we ‘encounter’ fear, but generally these turn out to be not as challenging as we were expecting them to be. The worry is all in our minds. The key to fearlessness is to be detached and then to step into the core of my real self. In situations …

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