Know When and When Not To

There is an epic Indian story called the Ramayana which tells the eternal story of humanity. In this story Sita, a princess who is married to Rama, steps outside of her ‘line of protection’ to help a beggar. She wants to give him something but he says she has to go to him as he can’t to her. Her compassion makes her step over the line and at the moment the beggar throws off his disguise and shows himself to be the devil and kidnaps her.

So why is it that we can’t always distinguish between right/wrong, true/false compassion? The story I am presented with may move my heart, but we can’t live by our hearts alone. Imagine a body with just a heart and no brain! Our decisions can’t be based on just heart, we need to bring in reason and wisdom too. We need to balance the two: heart and head.

Reason encompasses both the things of logic and the things we understand and know intuitively, our inner wisdom or conscience. All human beings have this inner wisdom, it is just a question of just how much we have anesthetized it as to how much we are aware of it.

Our inner wisdom will tells us:
What we should do, these things tend to be the easiest to know.

b) What we shouldn’t do, when not to do something.
c) What mistakes we have made that we need to put right. This isn’t a hopeless; maybe I can apply a band-aid or some healing ointment? There is usually some way we can make up for our mistakes, we are very creative beings. It isn’t hopeless or too late.

What is the right thing to do? Why are these things not always so clear? Well for one thing the parameters keep changing, that which 50 years ago we were told not to do we are told is okay to do today. There are so many mixed messages. Who does one listen to? Society? Media? When 10-12 of your friends are all saying you should do… We need guiding principles to live by, not just going by whatever others say I should/shouldn’t do.

When we do the things we shouldn’t we create chains for ourselves. The bondage’s we find ourselves in today are due to having done what we shouldn’t have done, because of not listening to our inner voice.

To get in touch with our own innate wisdom:
– make time to do just this, as you do for any relationship.
– spend some time in ‘silence’ every day to listen, once you are tuned into your inner wisdom it will speak to you loudly and clearly.
– take a pause before you speak/act. Just like one stops at a red traffic light. Doing this allows us to stop the ‘track’ that is running in our mind; get a 3-D view of what is going on; buys us time and keeps us within the traffic regulations. Imagine if no-one stopped at red traffic lights!

When you pause ask yourself: Is this the way I should be heading? Is there a different track I should be taking? If I go this way what is the likely outcome going to be?

Also, if we are not sure (whilst you are developing this skill) check with someone who is further along the path and/or study of spiritual teachings, they will also guide you.

Then too beyond the balance of our own feelings and inner wisdom we can reach out to the Highest Truth. When we have learned to do this our life becomes hassle free(!) and we become instruments to help others also learn how to have hassle free lives.

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