Be Your Own Coach: Part 2

be your own coach part 2

Be your own coach – carrying on from part one, where we explored how to release feelings of dis-ease, today we’re going to look at designing our destiny, the second aspect of self-coaching.

Begin with the question: What is the purpose of my life? We’ve all thought about it at some point, right? We live our purpose in every moment. What’s one thing we do in every moment? We think. To think is to create. We are the creators of our life. Our purpose is to create our lives and it begins in our consciousness, on the screen of our mind.

There are 3 steps to creating: vision, decision and precision.  But there are 2 approaches in implementing these 3 steps.  We can either use the approach of the life coach or use the perspective of the soul coach.

The perspective of a life coach is:
1)  Vision. Create a vision in the context of where you want to be in a year or five years
time. What are your aims in relation to career, family and leisure?
2)  Decision. Map out a plan and strategy of how you’re going to get there.
3)  Precision. What precise actions you need to take in order to bring your vision
into being?

Life coaching takes the outside-in approach. The thing is that, with this approach, we might find ourselves having attained our vision and still find ourselves feeling dis-content. This is where soul coaching comes in. It is the inside-out approach.

The perspective of a soul coaching is:
1)  Vision. Create a vision of a how you would like to feel.  Content?  Free?  Happy?
What does it really mean to feel well inside for you? Envision this and let the experience
of it grow inside you.
2)  Decision. Uncover what’s in the way of you achieving your vision and let go of it.
(These blocks are the beliefs that we were talking about in part one). We need to
remove the beliefs that are in the way of us feeling well inside. It may also mean that we
need to re-evaluate our values, priorities and decisions to ensure we are acting in line
with our well self.
3)  Precision. Choose to express your ‘well self’ in the world and interact with integrity.

Although being a soul coach isn’t about worldly achievements, the paradox is that, when we focus on being a soul coach, we find that all the external things we need flow to us as and when we need them.

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