Self Confidence

Empower Yourself

What is self empowerment? Here, we are considering it in terms of power over the self. In other words, over how we act, feel, speak and think. It’s about choice and having the inner power to follow one’s dreams. Recall a time you felt empowered. What were you doing? We feel empowered when we believe Continue reading »

Making a Difference

Knowing the ‘self’ brings self-confidence. Self-belief and self-trust enable one to go beyond any situation and helps make a difference in the world. Otherwise when something happens we very quickly put ourselves down and fall back on our nature and our habits- we limit ourselves. Focus on the ‘self’ and create inner peace. Introduce moments Continue reading »

The Laws of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – to have trust and faith in who I am. There is confidence in one’s abilities, such as, to solve equations or to build a bridge; and then there is confidence (faith and trust) in the self, in ‘who I am,’ in my essence, in my true potential and capacity for greatness- and then there Continue reading »

Fun Factor 3

LIFE IS A GAME The moment you find that you are worrying too much, practise returning to being a child -go for it- with the knowledge of being an adult; the experience and knowledge. Experience childlike joy mixed with the abundance of knowledge in our hands. – Enjoy the journey without worrying about the outcome. Continue reading »

Cosmic Confidence

Many of life’s experiences move me away from my confidence. When I don’t live by my principles I move away from my original state, this ‘gap’ brings me emotional pain. We need a huge amount of courage to live our principles. Can I create my own confidence so that I don’t get influenced by anything Continue reading »