Do’s and Don’ts of Great Relationships

DON’T: nag… make assumptions… try to change other people… have unrealistic expectations…. take others granted… DO: more kindness… accept more… communicate respectfully… make compromises… pick your battles wisely… We all have do’s and don’ts that make relationships work. However, we’re not always good at following our own guidelines. But if we want great healthy relationships, Continue reading »

Understanding Other People Better

Part One: Seeing More Clearly Any individual we meet, have been shaped by many influences. Each one of us is completely unique and, underneath our personality layers, each one of us has a special gift that we bring to the world. Holding this bigger vision of each other is a good place to start on Continue reading »

10 Keys to Happier Relationships

Everything is great, and then suddenly not so. What happened? Something is said or done or not done, and our happiness goes. We have made our happiness dependent on others’ behaviour. The secret is to not place something as precious as our happiness, in the hands of others. To keep hold of our own ‘mood’ Continue reading »

The Foundational Relationship

Do you look for depth in your relationships? Do they feel a bit superficial? Have you tried being more caring, forgiving or being a better listener and yet you still feel that there isn’t that depth? Why is this? Has anyone told you before that our first relationship is with ourselves? Not knowing our own Continue reading »

4 Ways to Successful Relationships

In relationships we exchange qualities, energy and inspirations. Each relationship has its own context and related responsibilities. So, what is it that makes for win-win relationships all round? Here are four aspects of successful relationships.   Interdependency Interdependency creates win-win relationships. In interdependency everyone adds to what is being created. They are give-give relationships. Co-dependent Continue reading »

Positive Relationship Skills

What is the basis of a successful relationship? The vast percentage of the quality of our relationships depend on our character, qualities and prevailing mood. So, to really create good relationships we need first to look to ourselves and our own inner capacity, qualities and attitudes. We also need to look at how we approach Continue reading »

People Skills

Who doesn’t want to get on with people? To have fun, cooperate and live in harmony together? So, why is it that our biggest challenges, more often than not, are relationships? What can we do to improve our people skills? We can employ REAL. These are the four essential building-blocks of for great relationships. REAL: Continue reading »

Unravelling Some Myths About Love

Why? It is a journey to self-understanding. Unless we understand ourselves we can’t truly manage our emotions and feelings. The struggles we experience in our relationships have more to do with us not understanding ourselves than anything else. If we want to understand ourselves then we need to enroll in the one real school; the Continue reading »

The Relationship Code

We have a myriad of so many different relationships from the day we are born to the day we die. Consider: –What is the essence of a good relationship? Respect, acceptance, love, understanding… –What makes a ‘bad’ one? A lack of any of the above, selfishness, feeling stressed or unbalanced in oneself… Each experience we Continue reading »

What is Important?

There is story about a lady from a native American Indian tribe. A test was to be held, the winner of which would become the Queen and marry the present King and Queens’ son. This lady in the story, having fallen in love with the kings’ son, trained the most intensely of all. After five Continue reading »

So Many Choices To Be Ourselves

What is it that I am actually deciding? My future? What is the intention behind my decisions? To lead me to my ultimate goal? What is my ultimate goal? To live my purpose? When we clearly know our purpose or objective- then we have something to base our decisions on. To know our purpose we Continue reading »

Relationship Tune-Ups

3 relationships: with myself, God and others. In relationship with myself What do you want to experience? -Peace? Then invest in peaceful thoughts. -Your conscience as your guide? Then invest in the spiritual path. -Truth? Then invest in honesty. These are the relationships between: -‘My conditioning-conscience-subconscious mind (memories). -Head and heart. Study your mind: It Continue reading »