Comfort Zone

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is our status quo or set point. It’s where we stick to doing things that we consider are within our abilities and skills. We are in a familiar territory. It feels ‘safe.’ So, why would we want to expand it? Well, do you find yourself getting bored, stuck in a rut or Continue reading »

Getting Past OK

I am OK, I’m alright. Are you living your full potential or just ‘ok’? Are you trapped in your comfort zones? We are all linked, so if there are people around me that are not ok am I really ok? Is there something more I can be doing to benefit them? It maybe something I Continue reading »

True Comfort Vs 'Comfort Zone'

Due to the fears that we have we start to create comfort zones, we start putting ourselves into prison cells. We want to be able to move from here to there without too much change, challenge or threat to the idea I have of ‘who I am.’ The whole foundation of a comfort zone is Continue reading »